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Use our Vent Area Calculation Software !

According to the standards EN 14491, EN 14994 and VDI3673, the vigilex vent software enables you to define the vent area needed to protect your aplication by yourself.
After your initial request to access on our site, you receive a code confirmation within 24 hours to have access to our vent area calculation software.
This software provide diferents vessels and machinary : Silos, Filters, Elevators & Building.

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Explosion venting is one of the most common and effective forms of explosion protection. Relieving the overpressure from a potential industrial explosion and providing a planned pathway for the expanding gases to escape.

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The VIGILEX explosion vent panels and flame arrestors are Atex approved products certified by the French notified body INERIS.


STIF is the only French company to have EU certificate for this kind of products. STIF is also certified ISO 9001 AFAQ.
In the event of an explosion the vent panels are designed to evacuate the pressure in order to protect both the workforce and surrounding facilities. The Vigilex explosion vent panels offer a simple and efficient protection system wich is designed to resist vacuum under cycling conditions and can be used in silos, cyclones, filters units and vessels.


We determine for you the surface areas of the vents to be placed in your installations to be protected. Thanks to the main specific information related to the characteristics of your installations (KST, Predmax, Pmax, your installations size, etc.), which you will indicate to us. We can calculate the safety area adapted to your needs and conforming to the
standards EN 14491, EN 14994, VDI3673 and NFPA 68. And, backed by our experienced technical department, we can offer a comprehensive service to guide you in your choices and optimize your investments.


We test the vent panels in our factory according to EN 14 797. These panels are manufactured under the EU examination certificate type INERIS 15ATEX0001X, 14ATEX0049X and the quality managment system of the company is certified by the EU quality certification INERIS 08ATEXQ406.
Our range of products are supplied with a certificate of conformity complete with burst test results along with installation guidelines.



Explosion Vent Panel Standard

  • Ex II GD
  • EN 14 491 / EN 14 994 / EN 14 797 / EN 1127.1
  • EU Type examination certificate : INERIS 15ATEX0001X
  • Production quality assurance notification : INERIS 08ATEXQ406



Flameless Devices Standard

  • Ex II GD / Ex II 2 D
  • EN 16009
  • EU type examination certificate : INERIS 14 ATEX 0049 X
  • Production quality assurance notification : INERIS 08ATEXQ406

Certified for :

  • Organic dust
  • Fiber dust
  • Metal dust
  • Gas